Pineta del Gelsomineto beach, Avola, Siracusa

Pineta del Gelsomineto beach, Avola, Siracusa

Pineta del Gelsomineto beach, AVOLA

The beach “Pineta of Gelsomineto” is situated just  2 km from Fontane Bianche and 5 km from Avola in the Municipility of Avola. It is one of the most beautiful beaches on the south east coast Sicily. A yet unspoiled hidden gem with a clean crystalline sea and fine white sand, it is so called because a species of jasmine grows amongst the Pine Forest that is located directly on the edge of the beach.

These lands there were once a seaside resort belonging to the Marquises of Cassibile and are sometimes referred to as the beach of “Marchesa di Cassibile”.

To the north of the pine forest lies the mouth of the river Cassibile, which marks the border between the territories of Avola and Syracuse. This area has a rich marine fauna formed by sea basses, eels and mullets, as well as hosting migratory birds such as herons, ducks and flamingos in certain seasons.

Why you’ll love this place: 

  • The beach is protected from the winds by verdant cliffs and is very suitable for families and small children.
  • Off season, this beach is a heavenly retreat but can get quite busy in the peak season as it is very popular with locals.
  • Next to the beach, there are some small inlets and small marine abrasion caves which are absolutely ideal for snorkeling, underwater photography and for those of you who prefer to sunbathe in peace and quiet !
  • This part lends itself to some of Sicily’s most important indegineous produce such as the grape Nero d’Avola and the DOP almond that is used extensively fo the best sugared almonds throughout Italy.
  • It will only take you approximately 15 minutes by car to reach the town of Avola between Siracusa and Noto.
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