Milo, Catania

Trekking path on Milo Catania

Milo, Catania

Little known to tourists is the tiny village of Milo. It sits in the midst of lush and fertile land fed by the rich minerals of Mount Etna.

The immediate area around it is popular for cycling and trekking, and the 1.900 meter level of Mount Etna is only a 30 minute drive away. Here you can choose to visit Europe’s largest active volcano in many different ways. Be guided, use the cable car to reach the level of 2.000 m, explore it first hand by trekking and cycling. In the winter you can ski and snowboard using the ski lifts, or just making the most of a day, mountain climbing and enjoying the sea – all in the one day!

You could even enjoy the rare luxury of going up the North side one day and the south side another or even drive around the circumference of Mount Etna driving through all its idyllic villages such as Sant’Alfio, Piedimonte Etneo, Linguaglossa, Randazzo, Maletto, Santa Maria di Licodia, Trecastagni and Zafferana. Each with its own production of something; Bronte is famous for its pistachios, Maletto for its strawberries and Zafferana for its honey. You will also find village feasts celebrating one food or another or a patron saint – both of similar rating for Sicilians!

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