Taormina, Messina

Ancient Theatre of Taormina

Taormina, Messina

If you are looking for a bit of a summer buzz surrounded by breathtaking scenery, then Taormina is just the place for you!

About an hour’s drive from the large eastern coastal city of Catania in Sicily, Taormina is perched high at 204 meters on the beautiful Monte Tauro, offering mesmerizing views of the Mediterranean Sea and Mt. Etna volcano.

Having been a refuge to many Ancients, artists and writers, it has been made famously chic in more recent times. It is not only one of Sicily’s most popular travel destinations, but also one of its most cosmopolitan.

It is second home to a growing number fun-loving foreigners, creating a hugely interesting and friendly community. Taormina has this unique unforgettable Sicilian flare that feels a bit like you’ve just stepped into a Dolce & Gabbana world. It will transport you back in time with sheer delight.

As Annamaria says, “In Taormina it is actually OK to really dress up when you are going out and not fear ridicule”.

During the hot summer, the Greek Theatre hosts theatrical and musical events and promises the public an unforgettable night out. One of the most celebrated ruins in Sicily is the Theatre built early in the 7th century BC. Mount Etna lying not far in the distance, stunning views of the Sicilian coast, orchards dangling with olive trees, and ancient Roman ruins all make for an unforgettable experience.

Unlike some of the more rugged parts of Sicily, Taormina is well preserved. It boasts wonderful and unusual public Gardens originally founded by Florence Trevelyan in the 19thcentury.

Meander through the chic Corso Umberto, and you will discover its late medieval architecture, intimate bougainvillea’s covered piazzas and 15th century Palazzis. Although in some dense areas you will stumble on many charming narrow streets with little Fiat cinquecientos parked around. But you won’t be needing a car much in Taormina itself as the centre is pedestrianized along its main thoroughfare: the “Corso Umberto” which leads from the Porta Catania to its other end, the Porta Messina through a dazzling array of smart boutiques and antique shops.

Watching the sunset – Aperol Spritz in hand or enjoying a classy cocktail at alfresco tables on candlelit terraces – are all to be seen and marvel at!

Not far from the main drag of Corso Umberto, you will find steps leading down to relaxing beaches with clear ocean water.  You may get to and from the seaside resorts down along the coast by Taormina’s very own cable car. Offering panoramic views, it is an easy way to get to the beach for a granita and a swim.

You can reach the famous Isola Bella also known as the Pearl of the Ionian Sea, from downtown by taking the cable car on via Pirandello to Mazzarò and then turn right for about 200 meters or by boat. For those who enjoy a stroll, walk through Via Pirandello onto the viewing point “Isola Bella” and then taking a path that leads directly to the island.

This picturesque small island was formerly owned by Emilio Bosurgi and has now been turned into a nature reserve. Other picturesque beaches, rocky coves, and sea stacks abound making for this alluring and much beloved coastline.

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