Active & Sports

Walking, Trekking, Cycling, Canoeing

If you enjoy combining a sport you love with the exploration of new land and returning to your holiday home feeling sweaty and tired but restored and satisfied, you will no doubt find something exciting for you here!
Maybe you just want to give the adrenaline a little kick – when was the last time you did something for the first time?

How about trying paragliding or kite surfing?

The main areas to choose from for trekking are the Regional Parks of Mount Etna, the Nebrodi Mountains and the Madonie Mountains. They have a challenging variety of trails and footpaths. Thus, there will be something that suits everyone. The territories offer diverse scenarios looking out to breathtaking views, carefully tended crops, rolling hills, pine forests, lava moon landscape, natural springs and lakes and seashores. All are rich in colours and natural herbal aromas. An attentive eye can capture unique flora and fauna. Spring is rich in flowers and if the temperatures drop in winter, you can ski on the highest peaks of Mount Etna and the Madonie Mountains where there are ski lifts as an extra attraction.

Over the years in Sicily, we have made many friends who are specialists in their fields. Some are alpine guides, geologists, passionate cyclists, canoeists and guides.

We can make your itinerary as serious or as playful as you like. The lower slopes are dotted with villages. If you are not “anti-rest”, there exist plenty of opportunities to pause for local delicaciesand a gentle stroll.

Some of these trails can be done by horse or by mountain bike. Or you may prefer the area of Ragusa and Modica following the old disused railway tracks.

The Nature Reserve of Vendicari lends its rugged coastline, lagoons and sandy beaches to light treks rewarded with swims in crystal clear waters.

We have chosen a small group of expert guides who will teach you to Kayak and take you along Sicily’s coasts. If you’re an experienced paddler you can hire the equipment and set off on your own!

What distinguishes all the guides and instructors we work with is their passion for what they do and where they do it. Whatever takes your fancy they will provide the know-how and all the necessary equipment to safely face your chosen activity. You can drive to a meeting point, or we can organize transfers for you for a real hassle-free day out. You can opt to have a break in a local trattoria, a winery or a picnic!

For golf enthusiasts, there are now 5 stunning golf courses to choose from in Sicily. So if this is your cup of tea we will help you find the right one for you.

Diving is widespread, especially in the unspoiled havens of the minor islands. With the help of some expert advice you will make the most of your underwater experience.

With such diverse possibilities, it is impossible to list all that’s on offer. So choose fom the wishlist and we will contact you with more details on what suits you in your tailor-made holiday.