Sicily Art & Culture

In Sicily, the arts are represented in a bewildering range of forms.
We would like to point you in the right direction so that you don‘t miss any “must-sees“ wherever you are.

If you enjoy history, our professional and friendly guides will reveal to you and bring to life the hidden layers of history when visiting historical centers like Palermo, Catania or Siracusa.

Whatever is on, we‘ll make sure you know about it and have access to it.
Whether it’s a concert in Taormina’s Greco-Roman Theatre, an Opera in Vincenzo Bellini’s hometown of Catania, a Greek Tragedy in Syracuse’s Greek Theatre, or perhaps the jazz festivalon the lower slopes of Mount Etna or even an exhibition in Catania’s 13th Century Castello Ursino, we will arrange for you.

Among other attractions, are the local village feasts celebrating the numerous venerated saints, or the delicious ones extolling food. There is always something in season worth celebrating in Sicily! You would be surprised for example by just how much can be made with pistachio nuts, and delighted by the delectable fruits derived from cactus plants like the prickly pear. You might even marvel to discover that someone has actually thought of celebrating wild boar sausage!

Tell us about your passions and interests whether it’s the visual arts, the performing arts or the local folklore so that we can give you all the information to help you create your perfect holiday.