Food & Wine

Eating options in Sicily are endless, and in a way, all tours of Sicily will be gastronomic feasts.
Wine & food stops can be included in any of your tours but if you want to focus around food and wine, why not ask us to organize your own enogastronomic tour?
Either way it’s a foody’s heaven.

You may opt to meet one of our chefs, or accompany them for some food shopping at the market followed by a cooking lesson.
Even better, you can have a chef to cook for you at your villa!

Wine & food stops can be included in any of your tours, making them a heavenly delight. Our connections include farm houses where you can participate in making ricotta cheese the traditional way, or take part in the “vendemmia”, picking grapes or olives, and seeing how olive oil is made. But these stops also extend to prestigious wineries and Michelin star restaurants.

We have a handful of chefs and cooks who will cook for and with you and even organise gourmet picnics. For a hands-on experience, start with a trip to the market with one of our chefs, followed by the preparation of your meal learning the tricks of the trade along the way. Culminate with your own cooked meal! This can easily be organized in the privacy of your villa or take place in a location of your choice, or be it in one of our professional kitchens.

Fruit and vegetables are always very seasonal and often so organic the farmers don’t know the meaning of the word. There are regular “sagre” – village feasts celebrating a particular product. The pistachio “sagra” in Bronte, the strawberry one in Maletto, sausage and wild boar in Antillo and there are many, many more. All this constitutes an alluring way to lead you to hidden villages and introducing your tastebuds to serenely new sensations! Be sure that anything you do will always finish with a delicious tasting meal.

Send us your wish list and we’ll get back to you with the available options before you book.