Top ten things to do on Sicily’s best beaches

Top ten things to do on Sicily’s best beaches

Sicily is surrounded by three oceans to bathe, cleanse, and purify your body and mind. And unlike no other, the beaches of Sicily are phenomenal. If you are not sure which one to pick and what to do, we have chosen our top 10 ten things to do on Sicily’s best beaches this summer.

1. Snorkel in Calamosche

best snorkel place in sicily

From this sandy little beach in Calamosche set in the breathtaking landscape of Vendicari’s Nature Reserve is a lovely natural swimming pool. It is the ideal spot for snorkeling to the reefs on the sides of the little gulf where the seabed is more profound and where caves, hollows and ravines host a varied marine life.

Beyond: You will find an entire ecosystem that is undisturbed, which is sporadically revealed amidth dense vegetation, untraversed beaches, majestic rocky cliffs and wondrously deep blue sea.

2. Read the Odyssey and Discover the Cyclops at Aci Trezza

Bookmark this site today! Aci Trezza is a small fishing village bathed in sunshine and dotted with multi-colored boats with a few stories tell. Legend has it that the three tall, column-shaped islands there are the boulders thrown at Odysseus by the angry Cyclops in Homer’s Odyssey. The islands are referred to as the “isole dei ciclopi” by the locals.

Nearby: This is a protected area and a nature and a marine reserve. During the waking hours of the morning, you can see the sun slowly rising behind the stacks revealing one of the most magnificent areas of the Mediterranean Sea.

3. Kite surf at Donnalucata

Kitesurfing Donnalucata Sicily

Follow the wind at DonnaLucata, one of the best last-minute travel destination for kite surfing, kite boarding, wind surfing or sailing in Sicily.

Beyond: The impressive Marina of Ragusa with its golden beaches, recently restored port and the delicious Ragusan cuisine, a perfect mix an intense period of sun, sea, and fun in Sicily.

4. Paraglide above Taormina’s breathtaking scenery

If you are looking for a bit of an adrenaline rush, then paragliding over that divine setting might be just be the thing for you!
Take off 500 meters above the sea from Gallodoro and let yourself be transported with excitement over some magical views in tandem with a professional, certified instructor, and safely land on the beach of Letojanni.

Beyond: Soar over Taormina, Isola Bella to savor the spectacular Sicilian landscape; the views are just as breathtaking as the flight. It is by far the best way to admire the beauty of Taormina and the Mediterranean Sea!

5. Stand up paddle (SUP) at San Vito Lo Capo

If your dying to try something new and fun on the beach, why not learn to paddle board in the calm waters of this stunning location with its spectacular mountains background scenery. It’s not only a great way to keep fit, develop balance, core strength and flexibility, it’s a good one for meeting new people or have the kids join in!

Nearby: the Zingaro Nature reserve which is home to natural wildlife. : Here you will find coral, red algae, sea roses that color the surrounding seabed’s and anemones that ensure this area of the ocean is just like a garden in the water.

6. Traverse the white rocky stairs at Scala dei Turchi

The Scala dei Turchi is a spectacular rocky white cliff sandwiched between blue sea and blue sky and is one of Sicily’s most famous landmarks. It is a unique natural formation of marl with a characteristic white color. It is located between two sandy beaches and is easily accessible through a limestone rock formation in the shape of a staircase It is now one of the protected sites on the UNESCO Heritage List.

Nearby: The impressive white coast of Realmonte.

7. View the sun setting from Cefalù

From the seafront promenade in Cefalù you can treat yourself to a spectacular sunset. The promenade is fringed by one of Sicily’s famed sandy beaches on one side, and on the other, an alluringly wide selection of restaurants, bars and hotels. It is an unmissable invitation to enjoy the atmospheric and mysterious evening light!

Nearby: Take your promenade all the way up to La Rocca for memorable views of the coastline.

8. Join summer festivals at San Vito Lo Capo

Get ready to join with a lot of passion for light-hearted fun and joy:
In May, the International Kite Festival of San Vito lo Capo, a fantastic three-day event where huge colorful kites are flown by experts from all over the world competing on the beach.
In July,  Sicili Ambiente. This year the Sicilian Documentary Film Festival will focus on environmental issues.
In August, Baia santa Margherita beach hosts the ever popular Baglio, olio e Mare for a feast of Sicilian flavors, local products and cuisine.
In September, it is the XXII Couscous Festival, from the very traditional to the more exotic in an atmosphere of delight and solidarity.

Beyond: The San Vito Climbing Festival will bring much excitement to climbers from all over Europe from 1-4th November.

9. Laze under the sun at Mazzara del Vallo

This area is one of the best for tourism in all of Sicily and well known for its micro climate and its long walks on golden sandy beaches. The calm crystal-clear waters and he fine sand gently slopes downward into the sea, allowing a gradual descent into the water make it ideal for swimming or loafing about in the water, feeling refreshed and the enjoyment of not doing much else.

Nearby: The coastal town of Marsala known for its fortified wines and ancient ruins.

10. Ramble in the Zingaro Reserve and Scopello

These two areas are also among those that should not be missed if you have an interest in seeing all that the Sicilian Sea and Landscape have to offer. Scopello has a protected seabed and rocky coasts near the Zingaro nature reserve, which hides many beautiful secrets where intense, beautiful turquoise sea water contrasts perfectly with the surrounding green landscapes.

Nearby: San Vito lo Capo beach.