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Sicily has a unique place for every traveller. What will your adventure be?
Browse  in our selections to find the right place for you whether you are planning to travel extensively in Sicily or plan to stop in just a few places during your trip .

Boutique Hotels

Boutique Hotels in Sicily

If you like small, stylish, intimate accommodation and hip hideaways, we have created the perfect selection for you. Each one of our Boutique hotels is full of character, comfort and charm.

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villa with pool in sicily

Some of our villas delighted us by their superb design and earthy living while others intrigued us by their amazing locations and sense of place. We were drawn to the sense of quality, privacy and peacefulness that they all exuded.

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Areas to visit in Sicily

Sicily’s landscape is famously diverse with a glorious fusion of cultures and intriguing history, resulting in a plethora of magical sites with an exuberant array of architectural styles, delicious food and delectable wines.