4 good reasons to come yoga with us in sicily

The Forces of life

In wonderful Sicily, you will find all Four of life’s essential elements which are most auspicious for creating balanced and wholesome Yoga that caters to your whole being. At Sicily a la Carte we always try to keep you connected to these vital forces.



Here, you are surrounded by three oceans to bathe, cleanse, and purify your body and mind. Water is the essential element that connects humankind to Intuition and Sensory Perception.


In Sicily you will find a unique blend of scenery combining lofty mountains rising from lush countryside leading to dancing waves of the sea that bring us back to our ancestral roots.


The winter is mild and short. The spring starts as early as February and the summer can run lovingly all through to November. The Sicilian climate has an all year-round appeal to inspire and invigorate you physically.


Where else would you find Europe’s largest active volcano – Mount Etna – standing tall and mighty before you?
As the source of all dynamic and primal energy prompting transformation – it challenges you to ignite your maximum potential.

At Sicily a la carte we are passionate about Yoga and would like to share it with you. We also think that one of the joys of being on holiday is having all the time in the world to reflect, restore and have fun. So when a group of high-minded individuals gather together in a breathtaking natural environment to uplift and expand their consciousness, something good is bound to happen!

We have some wonderful yoga teachers at hand who can lead a yoga session in the comfort of your villa terrace. You may prefer to join one of our yoga holidays or let us organize your own bespoke yoga group holiday in Sicily.

Choose what’s more suitable for you between meditation and deep relaxation, Hatha Yoga or the more dynamic Jivamukti. These methods are ideal for beginners as well as for those who wish to “deepen” their already established yoga practice.

Choosing a personal yoga teacher that will guide you through one or more sessions is a good start to find what suit your person and needs. Needless to say you can combine a yoga session with a blissful massage.

For the ultimate wellness program, we can arrange for a cook to cater the most delicious healthy meals with the succulent seasonal fruits and vegetables and other local fresh produce.

Or, why not Come Yoga with us and join our Yoga and Wellness Retreat in Sicily with our leading yoga teacher and mentor Annemaree Rowley brought to you in co-operation with Cool Calm & Collected for 10 days of brilliant yoga transformation.

At Sicily à la carte, we have designed a revitalizing flow of Yoga classes and relaxation sessions to challenge and inspire you in our morning and afternoon sessions. This is a unique experience to explore the practice of tolerating the consequences of being yourself, to appreciate your body and become aware of the mind and the noise it creates.

What can we do for you?

Email us here dates and times that suit you for a retreat than we can gather like-minded individuals into a small group and tailor the ideal retreat in one of our fabulous accommodations.


Imagine 10 glorious days of yoga, meditation, lazing by the pool, strolling through the gardens, “al fresco” dining, massage and sunshine accompanied by fresh, healthy, seasonal Italian cuisine!
Our group will be small to ensure a convivial and personal feel where all ages, genders and levels are welcome.