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We love Sicily for its glorious fusion of cultures and intriguing history. Ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans and many more have left their unforgettable traces resulting in a plethora of magical sites with an exuberant array of architectural styles, delicious food and delectable wines.

We also love Sicily’s mild and short winters, we adore its springs that start as early as February and its summers that can run lovingly all through to November.

You can reach the largest and most varied island in the Med in just a 3-hour flight from the UK to any one of its 4 airports.

Sicily’s landscape is famously diverse – ranging from lush and fertile farmland to barren desert dunes, with stunning volcanic formations.

Mount Etna, Europe’s largest active volcano, stands tall and mighty. It is flanked in the winter by skiing slopes complete with ski lifts and incredible sea views and magnificent scenery, whilst offering many attractions and memorable opportunities for trekking or cycling, should you like to take advantage of either or both!

The area of Ragusa is flatter and perfect for a cycling tour in the clean-cut countryside of Commissario Montalbano. We guarantee you’ll find your favorite spot by one of the three seas that encompass this welcoming island.

The food and wine are to die for. Based on simple and fresh local produce, it is often organic without the local inhabitants even knowing the meaning of the word! The land is dotted with wineries awarded prizes for their fine wines.

The larger cities like Palermo and Catania are both by the sea brimming with bustling and important ports, engaging universities, great shopping and throbbing nightlife.

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