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Incentive travel

Elevate your team’s dynamics with a holiday that fosters trust, performance, mindfulness, and productivity, all while enjoying unforgettable experiences! Whether it’s designing an immersive journey to cultivate transformative empathy or crafting an escape from the daily deluge of information, there’s no better way to bond than by sharing new adventures in a stunning, stimulating environment. So, why not treat your team to exhilarating experiences like paragliding over Taormina’s coastline or learning to make fresh pasta for lunch? Embrace the excitement of trying something new, like sampling sea urchins! Let’s explore together which activities will resonate best with you and your team. We specialize in tailoring activities to meet your every need, whether in exquisite locales or by going the extra mile to find the perfect indoor and outdoor settings. Whether your group is large or small, seeking adventure or cerebral challenges, we’ll help forge new teams or
refine existing ones, strengthening interpersonal bonds along the way. At Sicily à la Carte, we believe the sky’s the limit. We’ll go above and beyond to match your requirements with exceptional locations.

How we work

Our process begins with understanding your vision through a detailed briefing session. We engage in thorough discussions to ensure we grasp your ideas fully, allowing us to propose flexible solutions tailored to your needs. Combining creativity with practicality, we facilitate open, interactive dialogues with our excellent communication skills.
Leveraging our extensive network of collaborators and professionals, we craft comprehensive proposals featuring detailed itineraries, providing you with a holistic view of your journey. Once we’ve honed in on the perfect plan, we meticulously refine every detail to ensure it exceeds your expectations.

So, why not take your team members paragliding over Taormina’s coastline, or make fresh pasta for lunch or eat something excitingly new like sea urchins! Alternatively, let us design your holistic experience including Yoga and meditation.

What kind of activities will work best for you and your team? Why not pick one from our menu or create your very own wish list?




You may be as serious or as playful as you like with the venue you choose. Set the stage in anything from a disused train station, a farmhouse, take over a boutique hotel or make a private villa your home.

Or go for luxury in a 5-star hotel, a distinctive Palazzo, an elegant country manor or a Spa Resort by the sea.